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Wind Serum 1oz 30ml

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A warming facial oil to protect skin with extra warming nourishment & milky oils. Made for Vata season, Air signs, dry and mature skin.
Replenish, nourish, glow.

Instructions: gently massage 3–6 drops of serum onto face and neck in calm circular strokes. Use upon rising or retreating, day or night. Store in cool place and use within six months as there are no preservatives.

Intention: we welcome the winds. Winds bring change. Moving us up and down the spiral of life. Wind is variant- a gentle breeze or hurricane and sometimes wind may dry us out, exhaust us, chilling us to the bone. The answer is to protect our skin and our souls with extra warming nourishment & milky oils. Winds stir up the power we hold within. Ground yourself first and let the creativity begin.
Wild crafted, homegrown, small batch.

* This product is not approved by the FDA to cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Ingredients; milky oats, calendula, marshmallow, rabbitbrush, Sesame oil, Rosehip seed oil, hemp seed oil, EOS of frankincense, Palo Santo, geranium. All ingredients certified organic.