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Vata Salve 1oz 350mg CBD

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A salve to relieve anxiety, tension, discomfort or dryness. Used to restore and calm. 

Intention: Vata is a Sanskrit word that describes energy that is playful, changing and creative. This heating and rooting salve creates ease and restfulness in the windy conditions of life.

Integration: massage on to areas of body that hold anxiety, attention, discomfort or dryness. Helpful for rough skin, sleep issues (rub on feet), To ground anxiety and to soothe any aches, crackles and pops in the joints.

* This product is not approved by the FDA to cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Ingredients sesame oil, sunflower oil, local beeswax, hemp flowers, Ashwagandha route, Calmus route, Tulsi, guduchi, mugwort, fennel, full spectrum hemp oil, EOS of Bergamont, clove and rose, MCT oil, castor oil, all ingredients certified organic lab tested and certified.