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Emily Gaimari

“Tidy” by Emily Gaimari

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30“ x 40“ acrylic on stretched canvas original painting

This is an original new work by Emily Gaimari.
Emily Gaimari is a fine artist and illustrator from Greenfield, Massachusetts. Primarily working with gouache, acrylic and ink, Emily’s paintings become visual manifestations of her boundless imagination, co-mingled with imprinted memories of stories and narratives from her favorite childhood books.
She approaches color with vibrant ferocity and is fearless when it comes to scale and content. Her large pieces are both striking and intimate, appearing simple initially, then unfurling into a complex study of color, light, detail and our undeniable interconnectedness with plant, animal, human and inanimate forms of energy. Her ability to intertwine themes of innocence and sexuality culminate in a bevy of fantastical creatures and characters that appear simultaneously alien and deeply familiar.
Emily’s work has been featured at many venues throughout Western, MA including Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center. Currently working as an assistant to renowned artist Leslie Parke, Emily is producing bold new work and honing her capacity to thrive as professional female artist.
Her current work is on display at Goose Divine Energy, 223 Main Street, Greenfield, MA through June 30th. Come and revel in the curvy, colorful world of hybrid entities, women, mushrooms, bees, trees, plants and magic.

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