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Jules Jones

“Self Birth” by Jules Jones

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30” x 40” Mixed Media Collage on Canvas

Jules Jones is an artist living and working in Franklin County, MA. They studied painting and drawing at Greenfield Community College where they received their associates degree in fine arts in 2014. They continued on to UMASS Amherst to complete their Bachelors of Fine Arts in studio arts in 2016, incorporating print making into their artistic practice.
After graduating they remained in the area to work from their home studio and show locally. They have exhibited work throughout the Pioneer Valley, the Berkshires, Hudson New York and Brooklyn New York. Jones’ collage and print paintings incorporate print media like monotype, lithography and screen prints with pieces of other paintings on paper, each adding diversity in texture to the paintings’ surface; the mosaic-like pieces challenging the notion that painting and print making are separate artistic actions.
Jonses’ pieces are an experience of multi-dimensional, densely layered concepts & psychedelic multiverse exploration. Their pieces become portals into sacred spaces where Keith Haringesque figures meld with hearts and color while other shapes shift like ever morphing clouds, whisking into dreamscapes of non-conformity and non-binary truth. Their aesthetic is a cosmic, non-linear, deep-dive into the infinite narratives of color, space and emotion. Jules pushes the boundaries between living in full color while exploring the dark, shadowy corners of consciousness. Their subtext speaks to societal confines and their work challenges us to acknowledge things we hadn’t imagined on own own. Several of Jules’s pieces are prominently displayed in the Green Room at Goose Divine Energy. Stop by and get mesmerized by the work of this talented Greenfield artist.

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