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The Love Artist & The School of Invisible Arts

Sacred Sexuality Love Elixir

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This is the Elixir that started it all for me.
“It’s about cultivating your libido in a sacred way, it is not about falling in love or even sex per se. It’s about becoming less afraid of everything, about becoming more engaged with everything, it’s about being more alive and it’s probably one of the most powerful forms of activism you can do right now. It will increase the possibilities for you, your family, your community and the world.”

Ingredients: damiana, cacao, roses, Hibiscus, vanilla, rose quartz infusion, non-GMO glycerin, love and prayer.

Instructions for use:
For love ceremony with partner: 5–8 dropper full per person one hour before lovemaking.

For a constitutional self-love practice: one dropper full daily.

Love Elixir accompaniment prayer 🙏🏼 to be said in conjunction with taking the love elixir:

“My beloved, help me to be willing to touch a deeper intimacy within myself. Show me a life that allows for more experience of the Divine within every being, every creature, every plant, every molecule. Speak to me and teach me to listen. Offer me protection so I can walk freely in pleasure. Let my pleasure color everything, move me, embolden me to share and through my touch & my ways meet you in my lovers everywhere.”

This powerful elixir is concocted only four times per year during each solstice and equinox. It begins and ends with prayer. Every part of the process is infused with sacred intention. From start to finish this beautiful process contributes to the overall effect of the Elixir. Even the discards such as the rose pulp is released into a natural body of water i.e. the ocean, bay or a river.

It is more than just a sexual enhancement. It opens up your auric field so that whatever is trying to make its way to you can easily get to you. It will also assist in your ability to receive what is coming to you with grace and gratitude.