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Lucidity Elixir 1oz 30ml

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A sublingual potion to assist with lucid dreaming and femme flow. 

Integration: take a dropper full under your tongue, in a cup of tea or in some water. Used before bedtime, during menstruation, or during prayer/altar time.

Intention: mugwort, used for centuries to connect deeper into the sphere of unconscious being. Use this elixir to have vivid dreams, connect with your ancestors – let them tell you things. If you are a wombxn with a time- of-month flow, use this elixir to “let it go” quotation. Rose will soften at all, protecting you as you grow tall.

* This product is not approved by the FDA to cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort) , Rosa Rugosa (Beach Rose), Organic vodka, coconut glycerin and spring water.
Wild crafted, homegrown, small batch.