Fine Art Gallery & Plant Magic Boutique

At Goose you will find myriad elixirs, tinctures, essences, oils, fragrances, soaps, potions, lotions and balms. A bounty of plant magic that will propel you into flow and increase your opportunity to live a more synchronized life. All of this is surrounded in locally produced fine art.

Scenes from the store

  • Fine Art

    Emily Gaimari our featured artist. Primarily working with gouache, acrylic and ink, Emily’s paintings become visual manifestations of her boundless imagination, co-mingled with imprinted memories of stories and narratives from her favorite childhood books.

  • Plant Magic

    We offer clean potent CBD, if you’ve been seeking a toolkit of beauty and wonder, if you’ve been wanting to expand your auric field and receive what’s trying to reach you….allow Goose to help. 

  • Worldly Gifts

    Stunning, custom jewelry and fine art make unique gifts for yourself and home. High vibration stones, blown glasswork, handcrafted rosaries, meditation beads and other sacred items to enhance your altar spaces